Thursday, January 6, 2011


2010 was a good year for shoeless coolis. I will spare you the sappy details and give you the stats, though I will say that being part of Nic’s Angels has been a major turning point in my running. I couldn’t be happier in my current environment. I look forward to continued progress in 2011 as I set my sights on my second marathon in the spring (race TBD). I will try to be as entertaining as possible as I take my readers through my 4-month marathon buildup and hope that 90 mile weeks and 35k long runs don’t usurp the creativity from my tired brain.

2010 Stats:
Total miles run: 3175
Average miles/week (subtracting two scheduled rest weeks): 63.5...with rest weeks: 61.5
Races run: 16 (12 road, 2 track, 2 cross-country)
Wins: 5
PBs: 7 (5k, 5 miles, 10k, 10 miles, ½ marathon, 30k and marathon)
National Championships: 4 (1/2 marathon, marathon, 5000m and cross-country)

Top 10 moments of 2010

10. Finally achieving real push-up status. This has been 26 years in the making. (Thank you Kap ‘N K!)
9. In October: helping Beth to a sub-10:00 3k time trial at the cemetery, leading to a 500 and 1k PB in the same practice.
8. Long runs with Jebs and Dr. Z in -20C. Torturous but irreplaceable.
7. Winning the Not Since Moses 10k in Five Islands, Nova Scotia. The most fun I’ve ever had in a race!
6. Running ATB with fellow blondes Jebs and Dr. Z, pushing each other the entire way, finishing 8-9-10; and thus, Nic’s Angels are born. ;)
5. Running Sporting Life after a winter of 'blah' mileage and finally feeling the wheels beginning to turn, running 30s faster than my PB on that course 3 years ago.
4. Running a 71s 400m in practice...sadly, yes, this is a PB!
3. Finishing my first marathon in Ottawa and telling Nic at the finish line “I am never going to do that again.” Uh-huh. The most painful experience of my life (soon to be repeated).
2. Breaking 18:00 for 5000m for the first time in an INTENSE time trial with Nic, Joe and Trevor – crossing the line in 17:59.
1. Breaking 1:20:00 for the half marathon at The Goodlife.

11 Goals for 2011!

1. Stay injury free!
2. Run sub-2:48 for the marathon.
3. Do 25 real push-ups in a row. This may be my biggest challenge.
4. Run a sub-1:18:00 half-marathon.
5. Run my first 100-mile week!
6. Get regular massage therapy...and see the physio when I need it. I am incredibely neglectful of this.
7. Re-kindle my dancing days and take one ballet class per week. This should be an interesting form of cross-training...
8. Run sub-17:30 for 5k.
9. Take my friggin vitamin D supplements.
10. Finish in the top 20 at Nationals XC in Vancouver!!!
11. Break 10:00 in the 3000m (yes this is a random one, but something that’s bugged me for years).


  1. Jane: come to McGill Team Challenge and run a sub-10:00 3k!

  2. ooooh that's enticing! unfortunately my lack of speed training in the last few months may not be conducive to a PB just yet! hmmm.

  3. You've really never broken 70 seconds for 400m? Maybe then you should add that to your list of goals for 2011. It'll make a sub-10 minute 3K seem that much easier!