Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've got to give a huge, awesome, adoring shout-out to the Adidas team, for sending me so much great loot and for making so much amazing gear! I've always been a fan of their retro designs but it seems like they swag is getting flashier AND more functional with each season.

The adi-zero racing flats I've been wearing this season are perfect, not only because they are hot pink, but because they are super light and fast. I'm pretty sure the reason I didn't dip under 1:19:00 in the fall was because I was lacking these snazzy sneakers. I'm also loving their Supernova Glide training shoes, which are relatively light and packed with cushion...errr and they *may* also be pink too (but come in all sorts of colours!).

Hawt pink

I got some sweet 3/4 tights made from their signature CLIMACOOL material that are super light and breathable. They feel like they're made from soft wind-breaker material and mesh, but hug the body like spandex. And props to them for designing pockets that are functional - I can fit an entire credit card in them, keys, AND they zip up! Imagine that?! You rock Adidas!

So I'm pretty energetic these days, not just because I'm buzzing from the new gear, but because I've been running some speedy workouts and doing a little less mileage. I'm liking the change. Perhaps too much. Do I REALLY have to begin a marathon buildup in one week?

My workouts haven't exceed 5km in volume over the past month, and I haven't done any intervals longer than 1k. It's been a mesh of 200s, 400s, 800s and 1000m repeats. I've set PBs in three (except, of course, the 200m - I don't think I will ever be capable of a full-out sprint!), making me think I should really run a 5k. Instead, however, I came home to Vancouver for a week and I'm going to run a half-marathon. Classic Coolis!

With Nic away in Montreal for the next 12 months (only 10 months now! Not that I'm counting or anything..;) the Angels have continued to rock on. I always seem to have someone on my heels pushing me to run faster. Ruth has been on fire, and pushed me to a 2:33 800m last week, and a 74s 400m repeat the week previous. When I don't have someone around to challenge me, I imagine Nicole running behind me and think how much harder I'd be going if she was, and it totally does the trick. That's how much fear she can instill in us - the mere THOUGHT of her being on my heels kicks in my fight-or-flight responses. I ran a 3:13 km repeat using this approach, so safe to say things should continue to progress without her physical presence at all of our workouts :).

Chillin' with some Angels

It's really nice to be back in Vancouver and it reminds me how stupid I was to ever leave this place. Running along Jericho, the sun gleaming behind the blue ocean and majestic mountains, is irreplaceable. Should make the race tomorrow that much more enjoyable! Woot-woot!

Running along Jericho

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