Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bananas for mileage

My first two weeks of increased mileage have felt good. I've been getting in consistent 12-13 mile morning runs, some on my own and some with the tmp group, who do the same route at 6:15 every morning. They keep the pace easy - the only challenge is hopping the fence in the cemetery without injuring yourself. So far, so good, though I may ask Kap 'N K to incorporate wall jumping into our circuit regime so that I am more apt at them, as I can be pretty uncoordinated early in the morning (or maybe that's just all the time..).

Last week I hit 90 miles on 7 days, this week will be 100 miles on 6. I am experimenting with taking a day off every two weeks instead of every week, as it makes getting in the mileage much easier. That being said, I actually didn't find it very difficult reaching 100 this week. With the big morning runs and two substantial double days, I didn't even have to do much of a long run to round it out. The most painful part of the week was running through my shin injury. And by injury I mean a massive bruise from running straight into a fire hydrant. Yep. Pretty awesome move right there. This was compounded by several other bruises, the source of which (if you can even imagine) is more embarassing than running into a still object. I will therefore not elaborate any further.

I did my first 'tempo-effort' workout on Thursday, 8x1k w/90s rest. We work out at 7AM on Thursdays, so the body is always a little sluggish, as was evidenced from my first km in 3:49. Ouf. I figured my legs were just tired from a heavy three days before, but the rest of the workout progressed pretty well in 3:36/3:40/3:30/3:38/3:29/3:30/3:29. I felt stronger as the workout went on and was happy with the effort considering it was my first workout in a few weeks.

I did a long run this morning - two hours with 30min slightly up-tempo (4:16/km). I didn't want to do anything too exerting, so I just let my legs dictate the pace at which they felt comfortable. It was one of those runs where I felt good and relaxed and never wanted to stop running. The weather was beautiful, the trails were peaceful and my body felt strong. I always try to appreciate these moments and remember how awesome it is to be able to get out and run. There can be so many injuries and setbacks in this sport and runs like these always remind me of the fundamental reason I do it: for the pure love of it. (...and because I can eat as much peanut butter as I want...)

Too elaborate on that point - I may have gotten through 100 miles in 6 days, but in this time I have also ploughed through half a kilogram of peanut butter and 14 bananas (um and possibly a container of vanilla icing, but I probably shouldn't be advocating this as a healthy way of getting in calories...). Some have started to refer to me as the fat monkey. But in all seriousness, I do have a bit of an obsession with bananas. So much so, in fact, that I recently saw this article, entitled 'Bananas could split for good,' (ha!) in which scientists discuss the likely extinction of bananas within a short few years. Apparently, since the bananas we eat lack genetic diversity, they are more susceptible to being wiped out by diseases and pests. This is so terrifying to me that I have started to donate to INIBAP (who knew such an amazing organization existed! Oh wow) in a frantic effort to help them save the beloved edible banana. I, for one, would not be opposed to a GM banana - only if it tasted like the real thing!

I'm looking forward to another solid week of training that will be capped off with a visit to Montreal to visit coach Nic with fellow Angels Mama K and Stewie. Looking forward to getting my *ss whooped on a long run with these speedsters!


  1. I can't believe I just wrote a post about bananas. Oh dear.

  2. I have totally cut myself jumping the fence to the cemetery. Do you guys jump it at the end of the belt line, north end below Davisville at Yonge?

  3. When are you in Montreal? This weekend coming? We are at Provincials in Quebec City. :( Nic kicked my ass last week on the long run, and then this week I got her back as apparently she is not all that good at trail running, and we rolled in the mountain.

  4. Yep, that's where we jump it! Though I think they are starting to open the gates earlier now...thank god! I'm sure it wouldn't be long before I succumbed to some kind of spastic, uncoordinated fall that would put me out for a month.
    And ya I'll be there this weekend! Too bad you won't. I have a feeling there will be some ass-kicking during the long run but we're not sure who it will come from - apparently Nic is afraid of what Katie and I will put HER through! Lol.
    p.s. Good luck at provincials!

  5. Ha! Bananas...
    But seriously... I've done far stupider things than run into a fire hydrant. I was feeling inspired to start running again. I set a goal for 20 miles this week. I now feel inadequate.

  6. Glad to hear that Elspeth! Gotta start's all about building up slowly and consistently. Don't be ashamed of 20 miles! Hope Med school is going along well :). xo and p.s. Ummm yeah I'm pretty aware you've done stupider things, lol ;) so I don't feel *too* bad!

  7. indeed- there is a whole blog dedicated to the stupid things i do. it's my life's mission to make people feel better about themselves, by comparison to me.
    on that note, med school is going very well ;)

  8. i heard you could go 100km on a bike from the energy a banana gives you. i think i'm at 5 in the last 24hrs...
    and elspeth i like the irony of making people feel better about themselves while talking about med school :p