Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!

Well ladies and gents, I used all of my mental power to convince myself that my tibialis injury was simply an excuse for a hardcore pre-marathon taper and that I'd be good to go in a few weeks. Believe it or not, however, the physical reality of tearing a muscle in your shin kind of trumps any kind of positive thinking. Not that I have been Little Miss Sunshine for the past three weeks. In fact, I think I've metamorphosed through every character of Spongebob Squarepants (errr do I admit now that it is one of my favourite shows?). Starting off, of course, slumping around bitterly like Squidward (above), cursing my shin and life in general. After living like the slothful Patrick Star for a few days, however, my shin began to feel a little better and I began to make outrageously naive claims - in true Spongebob form - like 'my tear will heal in three weeks and I'll be able to hammer out 42.2k at Scotia!' These periodic moments of hope were usually usurped by my general Mr. Krab-biness, however, and I'd go back to being irritable and depressed moments later. My co-worker recently admitted to me that he was actually afraid of me (and FOR me) when I didn't exercise. Oh dear. Now that I am back to being OCD-on-exercise Larry the Lobster, I'm feeling much better mentally and physically - and best of all, people are talking to me again! Ha!

So. My stupid shin. Yes, I am convinced it has a brain and is stupid since it refuses to get back to 100% faster than a snail's pace. Not only is it taking its sweet time, it is undecided and waivering at every stage of recovery: one day feeling better, then going back to its pre-existing sore state the next. SO since it is slow and cannot make up its mind I have deemed it STUPID. For those who aren't aware of the diagnosis, it turns out I tore a muscle in my anterior tibialis. Yep, according to my oh-so-sensitive physiotherapist (who is really quite genial) I 'ripped 'er right apart.' Awesome. It is great to know that those stabbing pains during my execution run were really me tearing my muscle in two. Perhaps it is not my shin that is the dumbest part of me...

Speaking of dumb: Patrick Star (pretty much my favourite character. Ever.)

[Looking for Squidward in a crowd of squids]
SpongeBob SquarePants: Are you Squidward?
Squid #1: No.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Are you Squidward?
Squid #2: No.
Patrick: [to a fire hydrant] Are you Squidward?
Patrick: It's okay. Take your time.

Anyway, it's been three weeks and it's almost there, but not quite. I can pretty much do anything without pain except for massage the area of the tear. Once the sore spot is gone I should be good to go. In the meantime, I am living in an underwater sea-world much like Spongebob. I wake up, get wet, leave work, get wet again (that's what she said? Sorry Watson that may have been a reach). The worst part of two-a-day pool workouts isn't even the boredom - it's how cold the water is. Seriously, do they HAVE to make pools that frigid?! I'd rather do a 30k long run in -30 than get in the pool and hammer out a 90min pool run every evening. I emerge completely blue and am sure my dry skin is verging on scales at this point, so I pretty much AM morphing into a fish.


Even though I won't be racing, I look forward to watching the action this weekend at the SWTM. It is going to be an intensely exciting race for Reid, Eric, Dylan and Rob in the full marathon and I also look forward to seeing Sexton and Cliff go after it in the half. Krista DuChene is making a return to form after her fourth child (!) and my Angel sisters Kap 'N K, Katie S and Mama K are going to tear it up for sure. Good luck to all those racing!

Pretty sure this is what I'll look like when I can run again

For those who don't get the 'LEG!!!' joke, it's a recurring line in Spongebob, by some random sea creature called Fred. He basically yells it out at completely random moments...of which there are a lot in this show...


  1. While I would offer up some sort of brilliant Sponge Bob metaphor, but I admit that I don't watch the show. Never thought I'd be embarrassed to day that I *don't* watch Sponge Bob Squarepants!!

    Instead, I will offer up something that I DO know. Even though Cobra Commander has seized control of Fortress Shin, I'm glad it's not stopping you from coming out and supporting Duke, Scrap-Iron, Clutch, and Dusty from their mission! You're a real American hero! Yo GI Jane!

    Did that work? Anyway, hope you heal quickly! I'll be at the finish line doing on-camera interviews for Care to have your off-race moment in the spotlight? :)


  2. Well that sucks balls. Sorry to hear this Jane.
    I think that the was a decent "that's what she said" though, good job.


  3. Olivier - ha! I don't think you should be the one to be embarassed ;). Oh and of course, I'm sure RunnersFeed would LOVE to interview a useless, self-pitying athlete at the finish of a major marathon (who wants to see a celebratory interview with Coolsaet, REALLY?!)
    Watson - Kill it on Sunday.